Ethiopian Crude Oil? Must Be A Miracle


Ethiopia To Start Crude Oil Extraction

For all Ethiopians who have lived for the past few decades, what is happening these days is no short of a miracle. The country has accelerated to a super fast paced political and economic progress. I think most citizens are yet trying to digest few changes that seemed to never be a possibility few years ago. I read one Facebook post stating "This is too fast..." and it really is. One of the most promising news that came out recently is the news about crude oil in Ethiopia.

The rumour has been going on for decades and so many have been expecting the realization of this event for many years. But after going through many frustrating years of conflict and political crisis, the idea that Ethiopia is going to produce and export crude oil and natural gas just vanished.

Here comes the time now that Ethiopia is going to extract and test crude oil and natural gas. Things are going in high speed and no one seems to catch up with the events. There has never been a time in Ethiopia that such development and growth was recorded in a very short time. It is the right time now to unite the country under one governance and abolish poverty by using the natural resources that are well documented to be in huge quantity. 

There is still some sort of unbelief and scepticism of the accelerated changes happening in the country. "Is It Really True?" so many ask. Well, the first thing we all have to see if the unity coming to the people. It even jumped overboard to neighbouring country Eritrea. Who would have thought these two countries will come to agreement at all? But it just happened and things are going to be even better when the Ethiopian airlines starts flights to Eritrea soon.

Everyone in the country has to be very vigilant now. All have to work for one common goal. The country has seen enough suffering, poverty and death. It is time to get the wealth and the health all other developed nations enjoy. Peace and growth to Ethiopia!

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