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Dazzling Earring Sets for an Elegant Night Out

Dazzling Earring Sets for an Elegant Night Out
By Wendy Raycraft

When it comes to selecting an outfit for a night out on the town, many women start with their dress. They pull out their favorite party frock and design the rest of their outfit around it, including the shoes and the accessories. But what if you started with the accessories?

A great pair of shoes can make or break an outfit, as can a great pair of earrings. It might sound crazy, but often, people go overboard with the accessories if they start with the outfit. Things might clash; things might look crazy - whereas if you start with the accessories and design a more muted outfit around it, you're more likely to look elegant and classy (which is what everyone is generally going for).

For instance, let's say you choose a leopard print dress. You probably don't want a pair of earrings that's going to clash with that pattern, and you might find yourself digging around your jewelry box, only to settle on a pair of earrings that, while not directly clashing with the outfit you've chosen, don't exactly work with it either. If you'd started with the earrings, you might have an easier time.

Sometimes, you have to let your accessories take center stage - let them do the talking. It seems like circular logic to many women, who have been taught that you start with your outfit and then pile the accessories on afterward. But that's just the problem - we tend to pile on the accessories without really thinking about whether they go with what we're wearing, and then we end up looking like a total mess when what we're going for is elegant and put together.

A well-dressed woman understands that it's not the amount of jewelry or accessories that you wear; it's how you wear them. She knows that less is often more, especially when it comes to jewelry, and that the right jewelry can influence an outfit greatly. She understands that if you want to wear crazy hot pink feather earrings, you better make sure all you're wearing in terms of clothing is a little black dress - so the earrings can truly take center stage.

Likewise, she knows that if she wants to rock a giant Tom Binns statement necklace, it's best paired with a white tee and a slim fitting pair of jeans - not with a leopard print mini dress. Style isn't something people are born with - it's something that's taught, and it's most certainly something that you can learn. Not sure what kind of earrings you should be choosing when it comes to dressing for an elegant night out? Start here.

Jewel tones were huge on the runways last season, and it seems that they'll be sticking around for yet another season. You may have spent summer embracing neon tones, but fall is all about more muted colors; colors that echo the changing leaves on fall foliage, the warm sun beating down in the dog days of summer.

Capture the jewel tone trend with a pair of quartz and citrine dangle earrings. Much like the chandelier styles that have been popular in the past, these gorgeous earrings look antique even though they're brand new. A gorgeous array of warm golden brown colors glitter on your ears. These dangle earrings are crafted from 18 karat yellow vermeil gold that sparkles in the sunlight, and each earring features three oval cut golden citrines, one oval cut smoky quartz stone and one oval cut Madeira citrine stone, all in prong settings. Don a matching ring, pair these with a long red gown and you're ready to light the night on fire.

When it comes to choosing your earrings for a night out, there's really nothing better than a great pair of diamond hoops. If you're looking to light up the dance floor or dazzle your wedding guests, consider a pair of 14 karat gold diamond pave inside-out hoop earrings. These well-crafted hoops glisten with 113 round cut diamonds in bead settings. Fit for a queen, these earrings will look just as good with a polished suit as they will with a wedding dress or a ball gown. If there's any material that belies elegance and class, it's diamonds, and these earrings boast a whole lot of them.

If dangle earrings and hoops feel a bit too heavy for your liking, consider a sophisticated pair of studs. Sterling silver Ethiopian Opal stud earrings are a nice contrast to almost any outfit, thanks to their white and blue sheen. They're a good alternative to diamonds, and are much less expensive. You can get a gorgeous look for a fraction of the price. With their beautiful iridescent auras of color that change as you move, these earrings are designed in polished rhodium plated sterling silver.

As you can see, there's plenty of great dazzling earring sets out there for an elegant night out. Start with the accessories, and let your earrings steal the show.

Wendy Raycraft is a freelance writer who writes about fashion apparel and brands such as earrings.

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